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B-58 Hustler Collection

B-58 Hustler Collection



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B-58 Hustler Collection by Non-Fiction Video
Item Number: DV544

B-58 Bendix Trophy Race Our first Mach 2 bomber makes a supersonic dash from New Mexico to Los Angeles, New York and back to LA, breaking speed records all the way. B-58 Low Altitude Bombing The B-58 Hustler takes us on a Mach .92 ride at 500 feet from New Mexico to the Pacific. B-58 Bleriot Trophy The Hustler was the first aircraft to meet Bleriots early challenge of speed and en-durance by sustaining 1,302 mph for more than 30 minutes. Champion Of Champions Brigadier General Jimmy Stewart flew the B-58 and dis-cusses the supersonic aircraft in this rare film.

Running Time 71 Minutes, Color DVD-R