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Vintage Airliners, Those Fantastic Ford Tri-Motors

Vintage Airliners, Those Fantastic Ford Tri-Motors



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Vintage Airliners, Those Fantastic Ford Tri-Motors by Non-Fiction Video
Item Number: DV590

Those Fantastic Ford Tri-Motors

Relive the wonderful nostalgic past with this entertain-ing video incorporating recent and and archive footage of the incredible Ford Tri-Motors, the aircraft that revolutionizes the airlines.

Nicknamed The Tin Goose, this video begins with a 9 minute flight aboard one of the last remaining Tri-Motors, still in service. It also covers a brief history of the craft including construction and early flights. Witness and epic journey with a detailed coast to coast flight, from New York to Los Angeles, and upon arrival you are greeted by Amelia Earhart. You will also dis-cover how Charles Lindbergh convinced the American public that the aircraft was safe. Plus, rare scenes showing the Tin Goose on floats, and performing hair raising stunts at an airshow, including: loops, spins, rolls, and stalls.

Total time approx. 50 minutes, B/W & Color, DVD-R